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and there's remnants in southern florida. let's go closer. you can see where the heavier showers passing through tampa into orlando. if you travel to the caribbean, bahamases, parts of cuba, we'll see the heavy rain showers and warnings are in effect across much of the panhandle. that's because the water in place is slowly receding. it's all the way up to mississippi, and we are dealing with warnings. here across the central part of the united states - this is where we saw a lot of activity. people saw better weather where we got out and cleaned through the rubble. we don't expect to see too much in terms of rain. we expect warm temperatures building up here, starting tomorrow. we can see from wichita. we are talking about the mid 90, in this area, between 15 and 20 degrees above average. and it continues to go up. you can see almost getting to 99 degrees, and that doesn't change as we go towards tuesday. a dangerous situation because it is lasting and you don't want to stay in the sun, you want to be hydrated if you are in this area. >> thank you. al jazeera america's groundbreaking ser
corps. >> that was a reporter. florida senator bill nelson reached out to the mexican government sosee if he could get his own cell. >> we hear about the feds monitor cell phone data. and some is closer to home and concerns about your privacy and the government's concern trying to keep you safe. >> it is not only the nsa but local police department that is raising concern about big brother. 2500 use stingray that swallows up cell phone data. they are using license plates readers that record every plate on a four lane highway at speeds of 50 miles per hour. the technology is a remarkable crime fighting tool. >> it is homicides and all kinds of robberies. and it is an asset to us. >> wired mag zone reported that the maker of the stingray and license plates readers hold the buyers to vows of secrecy. and this prohibition is intended to prevent users from cooperating with a media outlet. >> we want police agencies to be transparent as possible. there shouldn't be going to hide here and they are using technologies that are supported widely because of the proven ability to reduce crime. >> t
with some of the remnants of the storm toward florida. heavy rain pushing into miami and warnings with all of the flooding that we have had is still in effect. you can see across the panhandle even mississippi, it's dryer there but they are still seeing a lot of standing water in the area. the good news is there is no rain showers back in that region. here across the northeast, things getting a little cooler. for new york, 67 degrees yesterday. we were actually into the 70s. we are seeing rain showers pushing through but we don't expect to see really any accumulation. it's going to be the off and on rain shower over the next day. sunday looks to be the same. monday, tuesday, wednesday, beautiful conditions at about 66 degrees. now, here across the central plains, a lot of people are clearing up after devastating tornados. we shaw tornados pushing through the region. what's in store over the next couple of days? these temperatures. look at this on sunday. oklahoma city, 97 degrees. >> that's not the end of it. we are going to be seeing those temperatures rise more. lubbock texas almost reac
't help it. he's like a bull and a crack pipe shop. canadat want to tell "relax, we already have a florida." [laughter] ted cruz propose a government shutdown. everyone else and congress decided to go along with this to get some time away from ted cruz. the key party is anti-socialism and anti-immigration. it makes sense that their hero is a cuban from canada. that one was poignant. in kiev president is tonight. he thought this event was being held at the dulles airport applebee's. to a construction cone that he thinks is john boehner. [laughter] also true. [laughter] it is crazy to think that joe biden is only one heartbeat away from someone -- no one taking him seriously as president. [laughter] biden will likely be running for president in 2016. there is no obvious reason not to." [laughter] it is there, isn't it? i'm going to finish that thing. just bring me my hoagie. no, not that one. the fancy one. here late clinton has a lot going for her. she is a natural leader. as our first female president, we could pay her 30% less. [laughter] that is a savings this country could use. who is w
about income tax in florida and texas. his. >> word is mentioned tim cook from apple, which has about 150, $170 billion overseas. they're not going to tax this, but they're going to spend over their purse is just the beginning, does you? >> absolutely. the fact is that it is easier by the day to do business wherever. and operate internationally. and this includes like jim did 50 years ago when you had to have access to the rivers and transportation is in things like that. it's easier for pfizer and apple to do business anywhere. i can't wait until it easier for us to do business anywhere in the world and we would probably move as well is. >> we had dozens of corporations is serious. >> get back to the media. i think andrew cuomo has not why but it's like a propaganda campaign about how new york state is lowering taxes for business when it's really not doing much at all. we don't see any worries in "the new york times" or the major newspapers here about how new york is still economically a basket case because of our tax structure and also because they won't crack. >> also because we wo
of wet weather but if you remember, back a few days ago, it was the panhandle of florida that just got soaked with astounding rainfall totals. we are still looking at some pretty heavy rain but this time over central and southern sections of florida. 2 to 4 inches is expected. oklahoma city, is it possible? we could see close to 100 degrees by monday! computer models are saying plenty of sunshine and not too much to interrupt that. certainly it is the possibility. the santa ana's were ferocious. in the triple digits but looks like monday see the temperatures back off a few degrees. not so bad as we go into the beginning of the workweek. still a little on the toasty side but near normal temperatures all the way from boston and new york and readings mostly in the 60s. >> karen mcginnis, thank you very much. who would make the best boss? a media mogul, a basketball hall of famer, a rapper? a casting call is held who will buy the los angeles clippers. ♪ ♪ (vo) oh. my. tongue. finally. (announcer) all-new friskies saucesations. a taste experience like no other. in cheesy, creamy, homest
mother or not. i thought an interesting poll was in florida, although hillary clinton beats jeb bush in florida, but it's not by much. only about five points among hispanics. >> hanging chads again. >> i think he probably doesn't know. remember when barbara bush, she said do we really need another bush to run? i know a lot of people feel that way. looking at the field, he is the most qualified. jeb bush dances to the beat of his own drum. that's an awkward position for 43 to be in. do you think your brother should run? >> mother's day is coming up. he doesn't want to make it awkward. >> do you think the bush name helps him or hurts him? >> two things. there's a bush hangover. remember, hillary had to wait 16 years after the bim bow bug lamp left the office. democrats love big government. the democrats love obama. anybody who runs is going to be an bureaucrat. so instinctively you all hate everybody. that's my problem. i hate everybody. i hate myself. >> what do you think the bush? >> i play a bush power ball. i like it. i'm ready to put on some 45 stocks -- socks and rock them out fo
in florida, increasingly wages foro raise their employees because they know it is good business. they know it means employees are more likely to stay on the job, less turnover. it means that they are going to be more productive. and customers see the difference. iat is one of the reasons issued an executive order requiring employees on new paid a contracts to be fair wage of at least $10.10. [applause] so, americans have been way out in front of congress on this issue. in fact, about three in four americans support raising the minimum wage. that is because we believe on the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full-time should have to raise a family and poverty. that is a basic principle. [applause] those at the top are doing better than ever, while millions of americans are working harder and harder just that three out of four americans understands a deserve a raise. a few months ago, i got a letter from a woman named sheila. sheila lives in georgia. at the time she was working tea. jobs -- two jobs. not have days do off. i have hours off. but she kept going to work every day beca
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his regular physician had been reassigned to the naval test of -- hospital in pensacola, florida and had a new physician lieutenant commander van nguyen. he asked his new physician 9 notice you have a vietnamese name. how did your family get to this country? he responded didn't know about the family's exodus since he was a baby at the time. laurel's father had died and never said anything about it. his mother only spoke vietnamese and she never talked about it. pool will happen to havedoyle the lucky few and he gave it to dr. nguyen. did you see the film? i saw it but it didn't tell me much about my own story. it seems dr. nguyen's family settled in the san francisco bay area and flourished. his family never discuss their flight from vietnam. after he watched the documentary he had probing questions to ask the other members of his family including his older sister who had been 15 at the time of the exodus in 1975. dr. nguyen's sister and brother visited with him, taking their daughter to boston college and stayed with dr. nguyen and his family and he put the dvd on and put the fi
, much of the nation has great weather conditions but tracking the soggy weather in florida today thanks to a frontal boundary moving slowly headed to the south. a lot of moisture already in place. we had record rainfall yesterday in the tampa area and more rain is ekts expected today. the high pressure is in full control in texas. there is a lake outside of dallas, and the lake levels are running well below where they should be. this is four feet of mud and the boats are beached and the weather is fantastic and great looking to get on the lake but you can't do that in some of the spots. we have the brought monitor and severe drought over much of the state of texas and headed for a rain free week ahead and unfortunately with the hot and dry and windy conditions, especially headed out on sunday z we are watching out for high fire danger in these areas and by the end of the weekend that expanded across the area as well as the temperatures are climbing into the 90s. in fact through the middle of the week expecting to see 90s and approaching a hundred next week. >> thank you. if you walk aro
of the forecast. >> big-time rain impacting parts of florida. we've got a buntry. this stuck in place. moisture around as whelp it scattered showers, storms here. north to south, things drying out. by the second half of the weekend, good chunk of florida drying out. southern florida, still a few showers. there's today's forecast for your saturday. scattered storms, tampa to orlando. sliding down towards the miami area. you'll see some of that active even as we head into tonight and tomorrow. now we're getting a little quieter along that corridor from tampa to orlando, daytona beach. southern tip, still a few showers to deal with there. northeast, we've got some showers here. we've got a rather weak system moving through. a few showers. nothing too hefty out there for you. gray skies. you'll see that in spots like pittsburgh, buffalo. while all that's going on, we're starting to heat up in the middle of the country. big ridge in place in the west really heating us up. now shifts east. these areas here in the plains will see highs 5 to 15 degrees above average. that's going to mean a lot of 90s.
is still coming down across florida and coastal areas of georgia the showers are trying to pop up thanks to a fra frontal boundary. it is bringing the rain into the tampa area. this is an area that saw the record rainfall yesterday. we have video to show you where the streets are covered in water and more rain is set to fall and could be seeing three quarter an inch in the same area, so a not a good idea to do any type of travelling in this general area because we are going to see the heavy rainfall throughout much of the afternoon and into the evening rain chances are starting to taper off but few now stay off the roads to be an the safe side. the rain is pushing south of tampa and expected to see isolated showers throughout later tonight and more flooding concerns. the flood is remaining in effect until 4:00 in tampa and a number of areas with the flood warnings in the panhandle. behind it high pressure is starting to build in, it is dry and very hot across the southern plains where we are expecting to see the 90s. >> thank you. a new shelter in northern india is giving the elephants a
, there they are out there. from the florida everglades-- >> whenever you feel like you get ready, we will jump in there. >> did you say we'll jump in there? the river in borneo-- >> oh, look. >> oh, sue. >> i love that. >> and even a waterfall. i have been all over the world
federal income taxes i should pay for you to drive on the roads in florida because the amount you are paying in gas taxes is not enough -- >> that's what you just said. >> let him answer. >> the money that we pay into washington, d.c. is enough to fix every road in this country to where we do not have to have another tax. >> by the way, it's not enough. six states this year so far and d.c. have raised their gas taxes because they are not getting enough money. >> charlie, we are going to leave it there. the bottom line, and charlie was making a point, and there's a lot of things my tax go to i never benefit one nickel from. i wish i could determine where my tax dollars went. >>> the latest push to mihike t minimum wage has been pushed back. first, more american teens are saying no to work this summer. why that could be a bummer for awful us. >>> roger, i see you are busy, but i think it's time for me to teach you how to do this all on your own. woo-hoo, bomb that cherry lip through the doggy door or it's pittsville, brah. it's never too late to learn a foreign language! go and smel
fueled protests for giving $100,000 in support of an anti-gay marriage amendment in florida which passed. are his personal beliefs now to be over the line for an nba owner? >> once you monitor what owners say, now you are really opening yourself to say which remarks are okay? >> reporter: espn lz granderson wonders where the league will draw the line and who will it decide to punish? >> if you are a league with an openly gay player, how do you turn a blind eye? >> reporter: what about players? remember in 2011 when kobe bryant reacted to a referee's foul call? he was caught on television saying this. >> he is yelling. >> reporter: bryant was fined for $100,000 and apologized days later on the radio. and what about cases of sexual harassment? isaiah thomas was sued. she claimed he verbally abused her and tried to kiss her. she said she was fired after complaining. >> i'm very innocent and i did not do the things she accused me of in the courtroom of doing. >> reporter: in 2007, a jury found thomas and madison square garden libel for sexual harassment. they were asked to pay more than $11
station, wplg. finally, you came here and we have better weather than florida right now, julie? >> absolutely. it's the southeast we're keeping our eyes on right now. the major spring storm over the workweek that brought the severe weather over the central portions of the united states and into the southern half of the united states, now moving into northern and central florida. they're dealing with a lot of rain and flooding concerns. the last 24 hours, over 6 to 12 inches has fallen already in tampa. we want to show you some video from tampa. this is temple terrace, where we saw, as you can see, so much rain coming in, flooding concerns and flooding out not only parking lots, parking garages and even homes. the unfortunate thing is they're going to continue to see rain today. and leading into tomorrow. just how much rain are they going to see? anywhere between one to two inches. and some of that rain moving into south florida, where you desperately need it. let's look at the northeast. it's gorgeous up here. cooler, comfortable conditions. dry conditions. that's the most impo
awarded samsung $158,000 saying apple violated one of samsung's patents. >> florida officials say a bait bike sting at the pleasant hill bart station led to two arrests. it was supplied by the san francisco police department in a joint operation with bart and the sheriff's office. one of the suspects suspects suspects arrested was riding a stolen bike. one of the suspects has been arrested multiple times. >>> san francisco police are warning women to watch their purses after a number of purse snatchings in the past few weeks. the most recent report cost a woman more than $20,000 in valuables. it happened at a restaurant while she was watching a warriors game. her purse was on the back of her chair. >> she had everything from her wedding ring to other jewelry in her purse. the purse alone was expensive. cell phone, ip ad, keys to her house. >> 15 minutes after her purse went missing her credit card was used at a store. the suspects usually come into restaurants, don't order anything and are there for a short amount of time. >> one of the cooler spots in the east bay during the summer c
and there have been plenty in states all over the country, ohio, florida, and oklahoma just in january, what the states have rushed to do is to make everything secret. rather than try to solve the problem or try to deal with the issues, it's to make everything secret so nobody knows what's happening. and basically the departments of corrections or the governors and legislators are saying trust us. even on something like killing you, trust us, we'll find some drugs, maybe from a compounding pharmacy, that is judged by -- and the united states court of appeals said maybe like a high school chemistry class. we'll have unskilled people administering these drugs and not there with the inmate but in another room somewhere feeding the drugs in. so what you have is the disaster that we had in oklahoma this week. >> so, stephen, you said some things that i think are really critical there, ziva, and i want to come to you on those. the question of secrecy and having unskilled persons doing this, is there a protocol in oklahoma that allows for this kind of secrecy or that allows for this level of unskil
with this is stan powers. he is a florida talk radio host. one difference right away. tell me his struggle. >> stan is a former stoner and slacker. he has no expertise. he grew up in ft. myers area and learns he has a knack for choosing music that people like to listen to. parlays that into the career of a classic rock dee jay. through happen stance, gets involved in the world of talk radio. they say don't worry. it is easy. it is paint by numbers. toe a consistent line. he does that. the more he says that which he disagrees with permanesonally, higher his star rises. >> the character i found most interesting is the consultant who is telling him what to do. at one point, conservative and consistent and compelling. those are the three words. >> phil deemed the character i wrote about is the embodiment of so many individuals i met and reacted with in talk radio. i want people to say is that the way it works? largely, yes. >> three extremists are worth more than ten moderates. >> it means that ratings in the radio business are governed by passion. >> how long you listen. >> how long you listen. that i
. it is going to be a nice dry track. now where it's not dry, down in florida. that's where we still have some flooding concerns and more rain and thunderstorms are expected. we could see up to two inches of rain in some of those heavier downpours. so that's an area we'll have to keep an eye on today. that's one of the really only bad areas of weather across the . >> and we're seeing plenty of low clouds outside into the south bay and tri-valley this morning which hints at a bit of a cooler weekend ahead. temperatures in the low 70s around san jose, san francisco low 60s with the low clouds, lingering as we get into the afternoon, and inland santa rosa today 7 2, livermore 75. should be great for the wine country festival, temperatures in the mid 70s with plenty of sunshine. temperatures actually trending a bit cooler for sunday and monday and then on the rebound as we head towards the middle of next week. >>> and coverage for the kentucky derby starts on nbc today at 4:00. but starting at noon on nbc sports, that's when the party begins. you can check out everything and all the hype leading u
va a estar torrencial, pero va a mejorar, la buena noticia es que todo el centro de la florida mejora el domingo, el sur de la florida estÁ esperando lluvia, y el sÁbado y el domingo. una nueva perturbaciÓn que se mueve desde los grandes lagos, noten aquÍ, todos los verdes, posibilidad de lluvia, zapato, y peor el domingo, para ustedes maÑana, la posibilidad de algunos chubascos, y esto pudiera aumentar el domingo. la zona de los grandes lagos, del lado fresco este fin de semana temperaturas de 59, 60, mero donde estarÁ regresando el calor es para ustedes texas, es mala noticia, porque afecta varias zonas, podemos llegar en algunos sectores han 100, y la sequÍa va a empeorar. posibilidad de tiempo severo, miÉrcoles y jueves, la posibilidad del granizo y de tornados. en el oeste va regresando el humedad. un poco de calor en el sur. el norte de california podrÍa tener algo de lluvia, pero los Ángeles despejados con 86, buen fin de semana fÍsica con "primer impacto". >> y rompiÓ el silencio el tÉcnico argentino ricardo antonio la volpe,que fue despedido de las chivas de gu
-west. unsettled weather through the weekend. it'll be a soggy area. central and south florida, where a boundary will make its way through, bringing in rain. we saw record amounts in miami. across the southern plains, this is the area where the heat will be felt, temperatures soaring through the day. this will last into the weekend early next week. high temperatures above average climbing to the 90s. we could deal with triple digit numbers. with little humidity and it will make you feel cooler. if you head out early around the memphis area, houston at 61 - cooler air in place. that's where we'll see the frontal boundary. dragging down canadian air. the heal really toasting things here across texas. we are seeing low 90s around dallas. >> what i wouldn't give to be in dallas and feel the sun. >>> now returning to the top story, the bloody conflict in ukraine, here to discuss the latest violence is a freelance journalist joining us there live. max im, good morning to you. odessa has been pro-russia, why are things coming to a head now? is this in response to conflicts elsewhere or have things alwa
that is too easy for him. host: molly is up next from florida on the support line. you are on. caller: i absolutely support this. people do not understand the scar that is left on a family of a victim. i had a 12-year-old cousin raped .nd murdered when i was a child having been a victim of a heinous crime myself, people don't understand. we are arty in a financial bind in our country and it costs millions of dollars to keep ande people in the jails take care of their health and everything. they have done a heinous crime. they have been told they need to be put to death. just need to go ahead and do it and get it over with and not have to deal with this anymore. it is not right. , let them docrime the penalty for it. a story taking a look at the transportation of oil, this particularly relates to north dakota. they ship i rail across the country, according to the department of transportation. the department has been seeking information -- on our newsmakers program, which airs on sundays right after this program, we are hearing from senator john hogan, republican from north dakota. he is t
for this virus. experts saying it is not as contagious as influenza. >>> we have more rain expected in florida today. neighborhoods do not need it certainly. streets and cars remain submerged in tampa following heavy rain falling friday. many found the only way they could get around was to walk through the flood waters themselves. >>> up north an ice tsunami of sorts for those living in michigan's upper peninsula, the u.p. the winds pushing ice farther in more than usual. some of it stacking up alongside homes. >> for the 30 years we've been here we've never seen the icebergs and the ice come inasmuch as it has this year. this year, like i said, it's almost like a winter tsunami. >> we're in may. for more on the forecast the weather channel's ray stagic is here. >> good morning. this tornado outbreak we had was saved by that rain in florida. this could have spread further east but that rain shut it off. the areas may be under the gun again. mayflower, tupelo and into mississippi and arkansas respectively. this is later in the week. the next chance of possibly seeing some severe weather. as we
a law license but federal law allows states to make exceptions. there you go in florida. >> it is ryu piewted to be the fastest two minutes in all of sports the 140th kentucky derby kicking off tonight. 20 thoroughbreds go head to head in a race for the roses. >> anna is live at churchill downs. good morning. >> good morning to you. thousands of horses that compete across the country to try to get in this race today. only 20 of the best are selected for the race. they are all 3-year-old thoroughbreds. all colts running today. we got a chance to take a look at one of them. take a look at uncle cy's story. >> come on cy, you can go back to sleep after you run. >> this is one of the races. his uncle named him after uncle cy for "duck dynasty" which is one of the sponsors. >> chip loves uncle cy from "duck dynasty," it's all about uncle cy. >> gary is the trainer who hand picked uncle sigh. >> i said this horse is absolutely going to take us to the derby. >> uncle si is back here, right? >> yes. >> trainers love to see a horse lay down. that is the ultimate relanguagessization. if he goes
it from voter identification to college applications to shootings in florida. what we think racism is is still a conflict in america. that needs to be solved before these issues can be addressed. >> some people are praising the nba and the players for their reaction to this, putting questions on the owners to sell. others say the reaction was botched. how was the reaction botched? >> i think you have a lot of older generations, sports reporters saying this was a weak response. this was not the 1968 olympics in mexico where people put up their fist. they are saying the players gave up a lot of power to adam silver and the organization of the nba owners. i completely disagree. >> what were they supposed to do? they were in the middle of playoffs. >> if you walk off the court saying i'm going to shoot you is not nearly as influential as doing it. i think the threat of walking off the court was more important than them leaving. lebron and chris paul handled it brilliantly behind the scenes. >> what is the next step? we hear from people that he's not going to go, you got me, i'm selling
still here? >> bobbie is still here. we really wanted to take a relaxing trip to florida. you know? just to unwind. but we can only afford one trip this year, and his high school reunion is coming up in seattle. everyone's going. then we heard about hotwire... and realized we could actually afford to take both trips. [woman] see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so we got our 4-star hotels for half price. i should have been voted "most likely to travel." ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day. athis is paul's office. for those who believe a serious job doesn't have to feel so serious. one a day men's vitacraves with key nutrients like b-vitamins. all the fun of a gummy that's a complete multivitamin. >>> while it may seem like our favorite celebrities have been blessed naturally with high cheekbones and perfect noses, the truth is many of them or their makeup artists have mastered the art of contour. >> i like this. "today" style editor and's bobbie thomas is back. the before and after looks of
in light of these allegations, and the chairman of the house committee on veterans affair florida congressman jeff miller is also taking action. in a letter to the va secretary, he warn that if he does not get answers to his inquiry about this matter by next week, he will move to have subpoenas issued to get the information. and probably the best news we got all week came from one of the families that ainsley introduced us to. now joe darlie called our team of producers and told them after our story about her husband dan aired on our show, well, they got a phone call from the va, and they have a appointment scheduled for next week. by the way, they were waiting for months and months and months for that appointment. with all that in mind, we now have ainsley's final installment from her reporting in arizona where she had victims meet at a local restaurant to share their stores, we're all here unfortunately because you've all been affected by the v.a. hospital. >> sally you've got u.s. together. what do you want to be done, now? >> well, these people that are affected by what the va
war", my first fiction book with an accomplished thriller writer in the current florida state law enforcement officer. not for your thoughts. strong reaction on whether or not they will be facing off in 2016. things should there be a question that hillary will even run? she may not take the chance of being embarrassed and jim said what difference does it make? we will be 82,016 battle cry and she will need earplugs to dodge this. and robert said, should america proved to be so stupid as to bring upon itself such a choice as you describe, what difference does it make. our ears are already raining. e-mail us at or follow some twitter. that were faced with page. we have links to everything am that's it for us tonight. coming up on monday, former pentagon official kt mcfarland. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend and we will see you on monday. good night from new >> i'm tracy byrnes in for gerri willis. headline today, job growth jumps as unemployment rate plunges to 6.3%. there is way more important number to look at here. it is 806,000. that is
box and exercising their preference and i can say, particularly after florida, our election -- >> charlie: oh, come on! you don't have to say that. >> it will be better than most. >> charlie: don't point a finger at our democracy in florida. if the new party is in control, does that change india significantly? >> well, india is so large and complex, and we are a parliamentary system with 28 states and one government so one leader can only do so much. we've had for the last ten years a highly educated man who's proved to be weak and incompetent. >> charlie: why was that? because he was too differential to the gandhi family, indifferent, insecure of his position, no political courage, bad advisors and so on and so forth. he's a very different kind of personality. he's angry, abrasive, can be extremely intolerant, he is sectarian. so we have to exchange a weak and incompetent prime minister for an aggressive and possibly intolerant one but india will survive because we are a large and complex democracy. we have checks and balances, a free press, a hyperactive intellectual class
renovation at the iconic resort in miami florida. so 800 acres right in the heart of miami. we have rebranded it. we have our hands full and tons of projects around the globe from rio to vancouver to china. >> you do a lot in the development part of the trump enterprise. what do you like most about your job? >> one of the things that's amazing about real estate development is that there are so many different skill sets you can bring. it's always interesting. there's the finance element of putting together a transaction. there's the acquisition component. the creative element of having a vision and bringing that vision to fruition and then i think for people that love development there's the tangible nature of it. this isn't trading stocks and bonds that you never actually touch and feel. this is building something that exists long after you. so one of the amazing things as we build hotels, we build golf courses, obviously very high end condominiums is you watch people using them and enjoying them after the fact and it's amazing. >> all right. >> go ahead. >> no, i was just going to ask you in
, in which event the matter shall be removed from the central florida and considered as a separate item. at this or a future hearing, item 4 case no. 2011 about the 1395c at 1763 stockton street and items 5a and 5b requests for office development authorization and conditional use authorization. i do have self speaker cards. >> public comment for the consent calendar to talk about whether these should be on consent? >> commissioner antonini. >> sorry for the interruption, but before we begin the item i want to clarify the item at 660 third street is directly adjacent to a building that i used to own a property, but i no longer own that property and there is no conflict. it had come up in the past and my interest terminated last year as did my other family members and there is no reason why i cannot participate in items 5a and b. >> thank you. so mr. ionin, because we have the cards should we take it off the consent calendar? >> if any speaker is interested in pulling it off consent, which is what i am assuming that they requesting, we'll take it off of consent and have had heard
of florida and pensacola. flood warnings for the region. yes all due to that one storm that started last sun. we are going to be seeing those flood warnings stay in effect. are if you are traveling to southern florida we are expecting to see heavy rain from miami, heavy rain going through. by miami, a little cooler, dryer and temperatures of 83°. here across the central plains not a lot of clouds, stagnant air coming into place. take a look at expected temperatures as we go through saturday. here into the 90s and then it only starts to creep up as we go towards sunday, oklahoma city at 93, lubbock 94°, by the time we get to monday, red, temperatures almost reaching to 100 degrees and when you factor in the heat index, we are feeling a little bit more than 100 there. stay out of the heat. that is a look at your national weather. your news with john is coming up right after this. we depend on you, >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> the stream. next on al jazeera america and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> it's being ca
or not they'll run in 2016. former florida governor jeb bush said he'll make a decision by the end of the year. but his brother and former president george w. has already weighed in. >> i hope he runs. he's been an effective chief executive of a big state. he's -- confident he can reach out to people who that may at this point feel like the republican party doesn't listen to them. >> some big-time republican donors seem to agree. according to a "new york times" story, a number of them are considering supporting jeb over new jersey governor chris christie should the two run. joining me now mercedes. a former spokesperson for president bush w., so great to see you. i had heard this from some friends who are in the fund-raising community, that a lot of the big money waiting on the sidelines to wait to see what jeb does. i don't believe he's down for the count, but isn't this all kind of frozen until jeb decides? >> absolutely. christie was the flavor of the month for some time, but where think with jeb kind of dancing around, going to make a decision by the end of the year, it presents an opportu
in their country. i have personally been involved in the air the florida beer wholesalers association and probably all the giant beer distributors across the country that you don't like the craft breweries came into their profit the giant beer distributor organization controlled year distribution of war to protect him. though the legislation and donate to political campaigns of court. if you're in a new ad that in japan at the seventeen fourteen restrict how much craft breweries can tell the bailout like every family is conducting take the year of their own for the year in an e banking ten year consumers. now more than two thousand the year. now we have here in the older model the container for home and were sent directly to my group only. now if you have to go through distributors to get a distributor represented by the board of the year taylor's association who back the veil. i hope that the brewers have to buy into the air. administrators want to cry and we didn't really not and could potentially run the snobbery that it is the legislators who voted for a light green paint the air distribution
the recent to get well number one that the french government has done this to florida so that mattel and tells them to paper also said it didn't need the help of this he does him with a new nation he gets cut the deal was due on that site known to have to say oh i think people tend to forget an anti impressing in particular areas is that all fronts is always asking to more investment especially this time difficult time back. he tended to get that actually investing in front is actually really quite get in and out of companies day from going to have an awesome facts and add that to continue ss taxes on revenues was awful the company said. yes that some innocent as doves. but all cylinders co starring with the house it's almost like they each chose it for me and i'm not a condom makes me tear in our terms covering this topic but it's all listen to it that is so chilling comment. france has been hands on on what's going to stay at the hands on what's going on in. maybe this is the story is assigned and he needs to cut the umbilical cord a little bit so that i can catch one or two words
promedio nacle. ♪ >> la legislatura de lu florida da luz verde una propuesta que cambia la vida de miles de estudiantes. (pretracked) ♪ ¿por qué importan tanto los resultados? tal vez porque son la medida de todo lo que hacemos. para una compañía de telefonía móvil, los resultados se ven en su cobertura, rapidez y confiabilidad legendaria. así que adelante, haz streaming, juega o chatea por video. por eso verizon construyó la red 4g lte más grande del país. porque lo único que importa, son los resultados que obtienes. para los mejores aparatos, la mejor red y para mejores resultados, usa verizon. continÚa un punto por encima del promudio. mÁs del pronostico en univisiÓn noticias. com >> estudiantes en florida ven a partir de hoy un poco mÁs clara la luz ante la esperanza. la causa la aprobraciÓn en fueron destruidos los denunciges porque otra persona lo amitiÓ no el distrito. me la cÁmara baja aprobÓ por 84 votos reducir la matricula de loso indocunmentados si asisten una secundaria en florida tres aÑos consecutivas. es el caso de jorge. >> quÉ significa para ti? >> p
competencias pequeÑas en su natal mÉxico y ahora en la florida compite todos los fines de semana. >> pero cuando tu compaÑero de fÓrmula es un caballo el trabajo es diferente. >> una conexiÓn entre jinete y caballo porque al momento de abrirse son tuyas nada mÁs. >> un vaje de 5 aÑos. >> una carrera que se corre y todo eso. Él tambien viene de mÉxico despues de aÑos de trabajo hoy dÍa es uno de los grandes favoritos. >> tengo familia y me gustarÍa tambiÉn que mi familia que sea famosa y eso de dar autÓgrafos. >> mÁs famosos que Él son los caballos son las verdaderas estrellas cada uno tiene su propia pÁgina de twitter. este otro orgullosos de su propia gorra. >> mÁs de la mitad para competir en el derby son latinos empezando por el gran favorito para llevarse la corona, vÍctor espinoza con california. >> tiene grandes posibilidades los tres Último ganadores de la carrera de las rozas son latinos. >> en el 2011 john velÁsquez de puerto rico el aÑo pasado mario gutiÉrrez de mexico y el aÑo pasado joel rosario de la repÚblica dominicana na. >> estos dos mexicanos ver
compared to what is given to find the plane. >>> i think florida has the hottest gubernatorial race in the country. charlie crist who used to have the job, and both trying to curry favor with the pro-marijuana plan. and they are in support of decriminalizing or even legalizing for some purposes marijuana. what is now taking place? charlie crist has already said he supports a ballot initiative that comes up in november, one supported by his law partner to actually get it on the ballot to begin with. and so he is looking the drive supporters from that initiative, and now comes rick scott saying you know what, on second thought, i will sign the bill that goes in support of the legal marijuana. you remember the old headline? rick scott would sign the bill in favor of medical marijuana? what i would have written? rick scott hopes to help the voter voters at the polls in november. there are a lot of eager donors ready to get into the 2016 race. the problem is they may have a candidate crisis. one choice is between a scandal and legacy. and you're about to meet stan powers, sort of. you ma
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? >> that is a walrus or manatee. >> holy crap. >> it is. >> a manatee? >> it's a manatee. this is jupiter, florida, this manatee is drinking from the hose or we call it in the south a hose pipe. >> oh. >> weird he's drinking. can he not just drink the water? >> exactly. you would think. the manatee is swimming around in the water. chooses to drink the water from the hose pipe. our friend robert posted this video on his site deer meat for dinner. he was out cleaning fish. his hose pipe was running into the water and suddenly he saw his manatee drinking from the hose. >> how did he find it? how did he discover that water tastes better than the billions around me. >> robert even said when he posted this video, does it say something about the water quality surrounding this manatee that this manatee chooses to drink from a hose rather than the wate around him. >> it's dock and turn and that's what you see. >> this is my favorite video probably ever. hilarious a manatee would choose to drink from a hose. >> i love him. >>> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time
. >> pelley: a >> pelley: a storm dumped as much as six inches of rain on tampa, florida, today. streets flooded, drivers were stranded. it's the same system that produced 76 tornadoes in the south and midwest this week. as the cleanup continues, vicente arenas tells us tornado experts have another job to do. >> some structural damage up here. >> reporter: we caught up with this national weather storm survey team in bessemer, alabama. these teams go to damaged areas as soon as they can, just as detectives rush to a crime scene. >> we've got damage all the way from over there, all the way over here. >> reporter: the damage is the fingerprint the tornado leaves behind. meteorologist jim stefkovich told us they wanted to look at debris before anyone cleans it up. >> well, we can look at the damage that's back to the southwest. it was coming this way. it then picked up the roof, and then it threw it in this direction, so that lets us know, obviously, the path of which way it was going. >> reporter: measurements, observations, and witness interviews were compared with radar information record
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